Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tamale Mirundi punches former employee below the belt

If you thought an elephant could keep anger for long, you probably knew not that about President Museveni’s Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi.
Tamale Mirundi

When Tamale was managing The Voice newspaper over ten years ago he failed to pay his workers numbering 17. Three of them, including his cousin Felix Kyeyune, sued him and the money (Ush 5m each plus legal fees) was paid just as the bus to take Tamale to Luzira prison waited outside courtroom in Mengo, a Kampala suburb.   

Paparanda understands that Tamale took the matter deep into his heart that every time he meets Kyeyune he provokes a fight. Small-bodied Kyeyune, who was fighting for his right to be paid, and probably with no chance to ever work for the President, just has to walk away quietly.

“Some years back I went to State House and I found him there. He pointed a finger at me telling people around him ‘you see that fool. He nearly got me imprisoned,” Felix tells me.
The latest encounter was yesterday (March 18, 2014). Felix went to State House on another business mission and found Tamale there.

“I found him there and he asked me: ‘you mean you are still on foot [not driving]? I thought you would be driving by now given that your mother went abroad’,” Felix reports.
Mr. Mirundi is a renowned verbal-fighter but I think this is punching far below the belt!

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