Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Police Commander Kawesi washes dirty linen in public

Given the way some issues are handled by the Uganda Police, one would be forgiven if they described the force as a media house. Commander for Metropolitan Kampala Andrew Felix Kawesi decided over the weekend to go with camera-wielding journalists on his trip to embarrass seven of his colleagues. 
Kampala Police boss Kawesi

Like a chameleon looking to catch a fly, Kawesi, in civilian clothes, with dark glasses covering his eyes, went after his prey. He found his fellow police bosses at fault. They were missing where he expected them to be.

After accusing them of negligence of duty, he had them arrested in front of all us – I watched this on TV and saw it in newspapers. These guys had not murdered, neither had they robbed. Negligence of duty is a big case they have to answer but, why embarrass them in this way? Is there no better way of punishing them internally, without having to show us that they are incompetent? How do you expect the public to respect the Police when you are parading yourselves as useless people? 

On several occasions police bosses have unnecessarily embarrassed their colleagues in public by inviting journalists to record as they are arresting them. I am thinking this is bad for the image of the force!

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