Thursday, 20 March 2014

Amama Something

(By William Odinga Balikuddembe)

Honourable Servant,
Let them scorn that know nothing:

You are Prudent
They say you are Arrogant
You are Brilliant,
They say you are Adamant

They know nothing;

Do they know what’s Important?

They know nothing;

On your side some are Permanent
Permanent because they are Conversant
Or they are Dependant
But with this, this thing, where shall we end?

They, they, are making you a Serpent,
By your side no one do they want
Not your son, your daughter? Not
Amama, do you have friends?
They, they say you don’t
Or you shouldn’t

They know nothing;
Nothing more than Amama Something:

Amama Youths
Amama Journalists
Amama MPs
Amama Ministers
Amama Soldiers
Amama In-laws
Amama …s

Honourable Servant,
You can choose to be Obedient,
Or Defiant
But what is in the Covenant?

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