Tuesday, 17 January 2017

When Kiyimba's friends join him in planting trees

What a Saturday it was last weekend in Tomi village, Buloba parish, Wakiso district!

Led by environmental enthusiast Ronald Kiyimba, over 10 friends descended on a valley with one mission - planting trees.

Ronald Kiyimba (l) guides colleagues in planting trees

 Despite the scorching sun, everyone worked with zeal. The idea is to create a green environment in which people can relax and enjoy nature. With rampant construction, green spaces have become scarce in Kampala and Wakiso.

Assistant Chef William Odinga plants a tree as a friend, Nelson Mutabazi, looks on

Daniel Muwanula leads colleagues in digging pits
 The dream to cover over 10 acres of land with different types of trees, including a lot of fruit trees, starts with this open space
As the team worked Chef Ali and Assistant Chef William made sure the fire was burning and something was cooking
Ali (l) relaxes for a moment
When the day's work was done it was time to celebrate! The trees will go up like these hands.
Lastly, it was so nice to catch up with the jolly Oscar, a man I had not seen in many years!

To nature we toast!

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