Thursday, 14 April 2016


By William Odinga Balikuddembe

Nambi, Nambi
Oh Nambi!
the most beautiful woman on Uganda’s soil
Your nails are made of gold
Your legs, long, shiny, smooth
Your waist is a diamond ring
Your hair, a silk weave swaying gently in the wind
Your smile tells all that is in your heart
You are a mountain whose streams never dry
an open bud shining in the morning sun
a little tree bearing every fruit that is sweet

Oh Nambi
I will love you like Museveni loves Uganda
For thirty years he has her gripped in his embrace
His heart beat she feels each minute of the day
Look at her
there, in his embrace!

Those you hate I will hate like Besigye hates his life
mad man!
Always lining his body at will for flogging
teargas, bullets
Uganda, what charm have you given men?
Muteesa, Obote, Amin, Lule, Binaisa, Muwanga, Lutwa
They all loved you
They would kill for you
They would die for you

Your co-wife, Mama Mooze, was once pretty
That is no more
Greedy like a pig she became
Now she is a warthog
and her children, hyenas
What a seed Mama Mooze has sown!

On my riches they have fattened
My animals
My gold, my diamond, my silver
Now they think they own it all

That is my family
Those are my children
They are my blood
Yes, my blood!
I am their father
Do not resent them
Only, only, give me a better seed!

I have more than they know
I am rich below and above
My riches are numerous like millet, sim sim
they spread all over this land
Turn around
My riches are spread as far as your eyes can’t see
Your children will never lack

Nambi, Nambi
Give me a better seed!
A seed that is clean
A seed that is pure
A seed that is wise
A seed that is kind
A seed that is caring
A seed that is sharing
A seed that can produce good seed
A seed I can be proud to call my seed

For this seed I have
This blood of mine
These hyenas can only produce hyenas!

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