Friday, 20 March 2015

Cyclist knocks car, arrested

A man who last Saturday morning was riding a bicycle along Kampala-Bombo road rammed into a parked commuter taxi, damaging the vehicle at the back.

The accident occurred near the township of Wandegeya, a famous place for night life just near Uganda’s oldest and most popular university, Makerere.

George Opio told of a “darkness during day” that made him knock and break one of the car’s hind lights.

“I was worn-out after a Friday night drink. I dashed home early morning only to find myself unable to unlock my door,” Opio said.

“I recalled I had forgotten my jacket in the club house and had to ride some five kilometers back. Fortunately I found everything intact. With that excitement the drink climbed,” he added.

Opio knocked the taxi as he tried to return home.

The Police were attracted to the scene by a crowd of boda-boda’s that had convened a roadside court and was talking more than listening to the parties.

Opio was arrested, taken to a nearby police station and subjected to an alcohol test with a breathalyzer which confirmed that he actually had consumed an excessive amount of the substance.

He was released hours later on agreement that he would contribute UGX 40,000 (USD 14) towards the replacement of the light.
“That was the day of the Blue Zebra,” the man said, in reference to Uganda’s commuter taxis most of which are white with blue stripes.


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