Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Just hope? No!

These are Ugandans turned Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Kangwali sub-county, Hoima District, for environmental reasons.

They were reportedly evicted from forests. They set up their camp at the sub-county headquarters, not far away from Kyangwali Refugee Settlement.
See the living conditions of these children, homeless and starving as corrupt government officials continue to steal money and grab land even in ecologically sensitive areas.

Why should a Uganda child grow up under such conditions? What do we expect that child to become in the future? Whatever he or she will become will undoubtedly be the face of Uganda. So it is not surprising Uganda is what it is because of what we were, what our fathers and mothers were, and what our leaders were.  

Things must change! We can make a different Uganda from the one we are in, the one which has turned us into beggars and economic refugees. How?

Thank you in advance for sharing your beautiful ideas. On that list, remember to put as number one: Nanyini mufu y'akwaata awawunya! We have to to change attitude now, we have to act now!

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