Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Travel, travel, travel. Nothing ever comes better. Recently I was in Buvuma District (Island) with NaFIRRI to promote cage fish farming as an option for fisher communities as wild catches in Lake Victoria continue to dwindle. I will be sharing a lot with you from my week-long trip through the Daily Monitor, The Sunrise and this blog in the coming days. But first, look at the this: The Mighty Bercelona FC.

FC Barcelona

A chapati (rolex) maker at Walwanda has this picture hanging above his sigiri. The black smoke from charcoal has altered it over the years. The man loves the club, but what has happened to the picture speaks a lot about what has happened to the Club (team) itself (especially last year). And with Spain failing to make it through to the knock out stage in the World Cup 2014, surely change is needed. Barcelona, you can help replace this man's picture through me. What he has just doesn't look nice.

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